Follow these tips to look stylish with comfort in pregnancy

Comfort is first on your care list in pregnancy, but sometimes things with comfort do not look stylish. Especially in terms of outfits, people have similar perception but the fashion industry has given many such options, which include both style and comfort. Many special outfits are available in the market especially for women in pregnancy. Today we are giving you similar styling tips, which will help you in pregnancy-

Choose fabric according to the season

Fabric should be specially taken care of during pregnancy. Whether the weather is summer or winter, always choose a fabric that is comfortable on the skin and that allows the skin to breathe freely. Pregnancy dresses made of cotton or linen are the best in summer. At the same time, in cold weather you will feel more comfortable and comfortable in clothes made of soft woolen and blended fabric.

Stretchable clothes

Keep in mind that the fabric you are wearing should also be slightly stretchable. For example, single jerseys are comfortable to wear with Lycra and Spandex, and also suit your body shape, which will make you look more fit and attractive. Do not wear anything that you feel uncomfortable wearing, especially during pregnancy.

Must pay attention to the cuts

In this stage, do not wear excessively tight or very tight clothes, as this can make you nervous and they are also strange to see. This does not mean that you compromise your style. A line with open arms and Empire cut dressage is very attractive to pregnant women, as it also easily hides the increasing body size, and they feel very comfortable in it.

Relax with elastic vest band

There is a lot of difficulty in wearing sarees, salwar and jeans during pregnancy and in many cases even doctors recommend avoiding such clothes. There is a wide elastic around the waist. Such lures are very comfortable to wear and do not cause unnecessary pressure on the stomach. Such jeans and pants are also available in the market.

Layering will make matter

With the help of layering during pregnancy, you can show yourself more stylish. For example, a light shrug, cape or smart fit jacket with a one piece dress will make you look more fashionable.

Innerwear is also very important

During pregnancy, the body size increases significantly, so it is very important to choose the right type of innerwear during this time. Maternity wear specially designed for pregnant women is easily available in the market. Wearing them does not leave any marks on the skin. The body gets extra support and there is no pain in the waist.

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