Pummy wrestler of ‘Ashram’ web series told ‘Plan 2021’, his films are going to come


Aditi Pohankar, who plays the role of ‘Pammi Pahalwan’ character in the Ashram web series, says that the web series has proved to be the turning point for her. The actress says that it has been a great experience for her to work with directors like Imtiaz Ali and Prakash Jha. Aditi Pohankar, who came into the discussion through the web series She and Ashram, says that she has got an opportunity to play the lead roles. Due to them, my skills as an actor have improved. Aditi Pohankar says, “I am a success-hungry actor and when I get a good script, I want to work on it.” Last year, Aditi Pohankar has gained tremendous popularity due to the Ashram and She web series.

Acting in Marathi and Tamil cinema for a long time, 2020 has been very good for Aditi Pohankar. Due to these series, he has gained a lot of recognition all over India. She says, ‘I don’t need to say anything for anything. The She series has proved to be a blockbuster, while Ashram has also found tremendous success. This has given me an opportunity to make a mark among people. I made my debut in 2014 through the Marathi film Lal Bhari. Bollywood also had many stars in this film. After that I turned to South, but I felt that Hindi films should be done and should work on good script. I want people to remember my roles. In these series I have gained popularity with the characters of Pammi and Bhoomi.

She says that due to these series, she has now got recognition in the entire India outside Mumbai. Aditi Pohankar says that now people from Kannur to Ladakh recognize me, which is a pleasure. The rickshaws also fondly call me Pammi. People send me messages from America. That connect and addiction is something else. This inspires me to perform better.

Aditi Pohankar says that at the moment there are many films in her agenda and she is in talks with all the directors for work. Aditi Pohankar tells about 2021 planning and says that I have a sports film. Is a romantic movie and new seasons of my web show are also coming. Everyone wants to shoot in the meantime and the situation is that I also have a shortage of time.

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