There is no time to do workouts in the morning, so take 10 minutes daily and do the Western greetings posture

By working in the same position for a long time, you begin to have problems with back pain along with cramping in your muscles. In such a situation, if you do not have time to do workouts, you can get rid of many problems by saluting the west. Come, know how to do the West Hello posture-

How to do Paschim Namaskar posture

You can also do this asana by standing or sitting. For this, you move both your hands backwards and join your two hands to the state of prayer. In this state, you must stay for at least 30 seconds. After this, repeat it again two to three times.

Understand stepwise-

Start with Tadasana.
Keep your shoulders loose and bend your knees slightly.
Move your arms backwards and join your palms with the fingers facing down.
Breathing in, keep fingers bent upwards toward the spine.
Keep in mind that your palms are well adjacent to each other and knees are slightly bent.
Take some breath while in this posture.
Exhaling, bring the fingers down.
Take the arms in their natural state and come to Tadasana.

What is the benefit

Opens the stomach, making it easier to breathe deeply.
Sprains occur in the upper back.
Brings joint pain in the shoulder and muscles in the chest.
Peace of mind

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