Gangland tensions see innocent man bashed in restaurant after badmouthing Hamze family

South-west Sydney can be a dangerous place in 2021 if your last name is Alameddine and you attract the unwanted attention of the notorious Hamze family.

Just ask the staff member at a restaurant in Greenacre who was assaulted in June by Khaled Hamze, cousin of Bassam Hamzy, because he was “talking shit” about the besieged crime family.

Gangland tensions have claimed the lives of two members of the Hamzy/Hamze family.

Gangland tensions have claimed the lives of two members of the Hamzy/Hamze family. Credit:Kate Geraghty, Nine News

The victim – who has the common surname Alameddine but is not a member of the family locked in a violent gangland conflict with the Hamzes – suffered injuries to his face, neck, chest and ribcage as a result of the attack, according to a police statement of facts tendered in Bankstown Local Court.

The incident occurred after Mr Alameddine was heard badmouthing the Hamze family and word got back to Hamze, 40, who appeared outside the restaurant with two companions, one man and one woman, on the evening of June 27.

As Hamze and the unidentified man waited in his car, the woman entered the restaurant, confirmed Mr Alameddine’s identity, ordered two drinks and invited him out for a cigarette.


When the man came outside, Hamze rushed him and chased him back into the premises, demanding he “come here”. Hamze then grabbed the victim by the jumper and spoke to him in Arabic.

“The accused said words to the effect of, ‘Are you talking about the Hamze family?’ and, ‘If you talk shit again, I’m gonna f— you up’. The victim attempted to explain,” the court documents state.

Hamze then punched Mr Alameddine twice in the head, forced him to the ground and threw him around the restaurant, kicking him in the ribcage with “extreme force”.

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