Mohammed Skaf released from prison

“Release without structure or supervision makes little sense for community protection.”

Authorities maintain concerns about Skaf’s attitude to his violent sexual offences and believe he poses a “well above average” risk of reoffending, according to documents submitted to his parole proceedings.

Skaf has consistently blamed his victims and denied his guilt, despite intensive treatment in custody, authorities say.

The 16-year-old victim of one attack was a friend of Skaf, whom he lured to Greenacre’s Gosling Park. The girl was pinned down as Skaf’s brother and another man raped her while others watched. A gun was held to her head before she escaped.

Mohammed Skaf, photographed in 2000, the year of the gang rapes.

Mohammed Skaf, photographed in 2000, the year of the gang rapes.

Recently, Skaf has acknowledged that “perhaps” the victim did not provide consent and his thinking around the offence had changed, the state submitted to the parole authority.


He was granted parole after completion of a final prison program, called Real Understanding of Self-Help (RUSH), intended to help him manage his emotions and interactions with others.

Having spent more than half of his life in prison, Skaf is now seen as institutionalised and his reintegration into the community as very challenging.

In a hearing in August, parole authority chairman Judge Frearson warned Skaf: “You need to be very, very careful that you stay out of any trouble, you need to co-operate and, if you are given parole at some point, you need to abide strictly by the provisions of parole, otherwise you will come back.”

“Of course,” Skaf replied.

In his parole application, Skaf said he would be supported by family and work as a cleaner in a family-owned business following his release.

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