more Sydneysiders choosing to embrace US holiday

His Drummoyne-based shop, The Party People, which has been in his family for 35 years, has had one of its biggest ever weeks of business.

“Probably about 20 years ago there would have been the odd person doing it and the last 10 or 15 years we’ve seen it really accelerate,” he said.

“Now I think we’re almost at the point, where it’s become a mainstream thing.”

American studies lecturer Rodney Taveira, said each year in Australia, Halloween inspires media and cultural commentators to question whether we should celebrate what has become a very American holiday.

“Each year that resistance diminishes further as global youth culture continues to be increasingly centred on the United States,” the Sydney University professor said.


He said anti-Halloween sentiment in Australia comes from lingering anti-Americanism.

“I think this resentment is particularly felt among older Australians that have a more UK-centric understanding of Australia culture and history who somehow see the consumption of British media as ‘more Australian’,” Professor Taveira said.

“Coincidentally, these people are more likely to have opportunities for their resentment to be heard.”

Professor Taveira said Halloween, which has its roots in Irish and Scottish history and a pagan feast known as Samhain, is here to stay in Australia.

“You can’t argue with marketers and manufacturers — or fun!” he said.

“Naysayers may as well stop raising their objections. They can concentrate their energies onto stopping Thanksgiving becoming a thing. They might get more support there.”

Ms Dizon agrees.

“There’s no need to be grumpy about other people decorating.”

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