Chennedy ‘Hollywood’ Carter Shines Brightest When the Lights Are On

Chennedy ‘Hollywood’ Carter Shines Brightest When the Lights Are On

“I remember once they even lowered the rim to try and dunk on me,” Carter said. And while her brothers cut her no slack, she credits her father, Broderick, for pushing her beyond her limits to become such an exceptional player.

“Me and my dad, we’d work out no matter what. Whether it was raining, snowing, pouring outside, it didn’t matter,” Carter said. “He is my biggest supporter.”

Carter recounted the countless hours her father would practice with her, run drills with her, making her dribble with a tennis ball on the dirt and other unorthodox methods to train her to become one with the basketball. “I even used to play without shoes on the concrete, just to get my feet and my handles right, and get my legs up under me,” she said.

She’s often said her success is also her father’s success. The two share a special connection, one of the reasons it was difficult to learn of her paternal grandfather’s death the earlier this month.

“It was tough being in the bubble,” she said, of receiving the news by phone while in Bradenton, Fla. “It was tough on my dad. He wanted to be there right with me in the moment telling me. So I just went to my room, really just to be with myself. I had a lot of tears and a lot of pain. But I really appreciated my teammates coming to me and having conversations with me and just being there for me.”

It’s almost become a pattern for Carter: She doesn’t shy away when the going gets tough.

Even after being sidelined by the ankle injury for more than two weeks, she is still determined to finish out the season as strong as she started it. “We can be really special and go really far. So I’m working every day and just pushing myself to make it happen,” she said.

“Chennedy is going to be a work in progress,” Collen said. “There aren’t a lot of players that can get 35 every night, and I think the pressure of that can be very real.”

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