Love Letter: The Last Full Moon of Summer

Love Letter: Behind the Velvet Rope of Club Marriage

Welcome to September.

As you may have known (or seen outside your window), the beginning of this month brought a full moon. This moon, called the “Corn Moon” by the Algonquin people, is the last full moon of summer.

September’s full moon coincides with a number of celebrations in various religions and cultures, including the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival and the Hindu Pitri Paksha, in which deceased people and ancestors are remembered and honored.

With hundreds of thousands of people killed by the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, we thought we would begin this newsletter by remembering and honoring them.

As the seasons change, we hope that the health of the world will change for the better as well. In the meantime, let’s get involved in the causes that are important to us and, of course, celebrate love.

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While love may be universal, individual experiences can differ immensely. Modern Love is committed to publishing a range of experiences and perspectives.

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