New York Has a 14-Day Quarantine. Most New Yorkers Are Ignoring It.

“I know people are tired of quarantining and the cost of travel has gone down,” said Ms. Castor, 26. “But they seem to take pride in it. They are like, ‘We are going out, we are going to have fun.’”

She also knows her efforts will be in vain if no one else takes the same precautions. “Sometimes it’s like, ‘Wow, am I the issue here?’ Maybe I am just terrified to go out.”

Ms. Castor might be heartened by the efforts of Logan and Lindsay Davis, who moved to New York City from Provo, Utah, in July. When their flight arrived at Kennedy International Airport, there were no officials there to screen them or track them, Mr. Davis said. “We just showed up at the airport and left,” he continued. “We didn’t get screened or tested. No one asked for our address or anything.”

But the couple still quarantined for the full two weeks. “We know New York was the main hot spot for a long time, and we wanted to make sure we were not contributing to that,” said Mr. Davis, a 27-year-old middle-school teacher.

They rented an Airbnb in Harlem, where they had their groceries delivered. Ms. Davis, 24, a student, focused on classwork, while her husband read. “I bought a ton of books, so I escaped into different worlds like ‘World War Z’ and ‘The Time Machine,’” Mr. Davis said. “I’m reading ‘Little Women’ right now, anything to keep my mind occupied.”

On the couple’s 15th day in New York, they walked around Central Park for hours and met friends downtown where they ate bagels in the park and got ice cream in the West Village.

“It really wasn’t that bad,” Mr. Davis said. “Everybody should do it.”

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