‘The Keep Going Song’ Review: The Music of Faith Under Quarantine

‘The Keep Going Song’ Review: The Music of Faith Under Quarantine

“Keep Going” deals more directly with questions of faith than any made-for-streaming show I’ve encountered during the past five months. The whole work is steeped in a kind of everyperson pantheism, with elements of Judeo-Christian and Eastern religions.

The usual prayers, Abigail sings, “just ain’t cuttin’ it,” before she and Shaun segue into a funky, propulsive chant: “I want money comin’ in and good things to happen.” Responses to such requests are not immediately forthcoming, of course.

Early on, Abigail sings that she hopes if “your heart is breaking, it’s breaking open.” In other words, be receptive to everything, the pain and the joy, because it’s all part of the same indivisible package. That’s what music is, the Bengsons say, a blending of those opposed feelings into an ineffable, all-transcending whole.

On the basis of “Keep Going,” you might almost believe that the Bengsons communicate in song all the time. Surely that’s not actually true, or Shaun’s parents might have run away or strangled them by now.

But there is a sense that the melody, heard or unheard, never really stops. The Bengsons use synthesizers and keyboards to layer sounds and rhythms that keep repeating, which extend to an epilogue that’s as infectious as a kindergarten ditty, a list song about things that grow.

That includes trees, leaves, people and thoughts, not to mention the music to which this roster is set. I guarantee it will keep expanding in your mind later in ways that should drive you mad. But for me, it felt like some much needed reassurance.

The Keep Going Song
Available through Oct. 8; actorstheatre.org.

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