They Met, Collaborated and Fell in Love

They Met, Collaborated and Fell in Love

The next day, Latino Wall Street’s first webinar was a success, too.

Ms. Berrospi, who now runs the company with Mr. Delgado from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they both now live, says she likes to remind him, “I was with you before we made one dollar.”

Mr. Delgado was by that time already living in Puerto Rico, where his father’s family is from, and working on his own company, Disrupt Education Services, an effort to help Puerto Ricans learn to become successful entrepreneurs using the internet.

He had arrived in late 2017, as a Hurricane Maria volunteer, and moved to the island permanently in 2018, after the conclusion of the leadership-development seminar in New York.

With Ms. Berrospi’s vision, they realized, they could vastly increase the number of people their message might reach. She is originally from Peru, and graduated from N.Y.U.

“When I met her, my mission was to empower the three million people in Puerto Rico,” he said. “We expanded to 400 million people in Latin America and Latinos around the world.”

Business, though, was also an excuse for the two to align.

“She’s beautiful, but you can say that about any girl. She’s smart — she’s really, really, really smart — but you can say that about any girl,” he said. “The one thing I love about her so much is that she is powerful. She’s a woman that can move oceans. Super, super hard-working, and powerful, and inspiring.”

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