Trevor Noah: Trump Should Be America’s Coach, Not Its Cheerleader

Trevor Noah: Trump Should Be America’s Coach, Not Its Cheerleader

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President Trump’s taped admission that he’d downplayed the dangers of Covid-19 is still the talk of late night. At the White House on Wednesday, a reporter asked Trump whether he’d misled the American people.

“Now when normal people get caught on tape admitting that they lied to an entire country, they usually apologize,” Trevor Noah said on Thursday night’s “Daily Show.” “But Donald Trump didn’t become president by being normal, so yesterday, he doubled down.”

Trump defended his comments, which were recorded by the journalist Bob Woodward, and said he was “a cheerleader for this country.”

“I mean, he’s the dope who agreed to talk to Bob Woodward, of all people, who is famous for ‘gotcha’ on a presidential level. Why didn’t Trump think it would end like this? [As a Trump adviser] ‘Are you sure you want to do these interviews, Mr. President?’ [As Trump] ‘Oh, yeah, Woodward’s safe. He already used his gotcha on Nixon.’” — SETH MEYERS

“Also, the choices aren’t lie or panic. There’s a third option where you tell people the truth and then do something about it which would reassure everyone. But no, we elected the guy who put a piece of duct tape over the check engine light.” — SETH MEYERS

“He’d like us to believe antifa is flying cross-country to kill us with soup cans, but does not want us to panic.” — JOHN LEGEND, guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

The N.F.L. stars Christian McCaffrey, DeAndre Hopkins and Russell Wilson played a game of “Freestylin’ With the Roots” on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.”

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