Trump’s unemployment supplement: Long waits and less money for fewer people.

Trump’s unemployment supplement: Long waits and less money for fewer people.

President Trump’s plan to replace the $600-a-week emergency federal unemployment supplement originally called for unemployed workers to receive $400 each week, with $100 to be supplied by the states. Here’s what we know now about the supplement.

  • Most workers will receive just $300 per week — the administration ultimately said the states’ basic benefit payments could be counted toward their share. Montana and Kentucky are the only states so far to choose the $400 option, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And there is only enough funding to last only four or five weeks. Mr. Trump set the program up to draw from federal disaster funds — a limited pool — and the administration said that no more than $44 billion would be spent.

  • The supplement will only be available to workers who are eligible for at least $100 per week in benefits, either through the regular state program or a federal pandemic assistance program. States must apply for the funds — 32 have already done so, and the rest have until Sept. 10 — and South Dakota has already opted out.

  • It could take some states up to six weeks to figure out how to get a program up and running, John P. Pallasch, assistant secretary for employment and training at the Labor Department, told reporters on Thursday. States must update and reprogram computer systems and train staff members while they keep existing benefits flow and process new claims.

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