What Matters Is They Get the Joke

What Matters Is They Get the Joke


They laughed on their date the next week at a comedy club near Union Square, where he impressed her by asking if she wanted to leave when a comedian got carried away with one too many misogynistic jokes. They stayed on, and then headed to an East Village bar, where they were until around 3 a.m.

“He was good at listening and good at returning the serve,” she said.

Before the pandemic they both loved going to the movies. In December 2017 while watching “Battle of the Sexes” at Nighthawk, a movie-dinner venue in Williamsburg, he surreptitiously slipped her a note on a food and drink order, which said: “Hi, beautiful.” He surprised her when he slipped her the same message there a year later. (She saved both notes.)

He proposed on Sept. 29, 2019, two years after they met, in a wooded area at Storm King Art Center in Orange County, N.Y.

“What I love most about Greg is his Gregitude,” she said, “his unique point of view, sense of humor and gentle nature.”

They planned a December 2020 wedding, with about 200 guests, at Sound River Studios in Long Island City, Queens, but in July, with no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, that changed. On Sept. 26, Christine E. Schrader, a friend of the couple who became a Universal Life minister for the occasion, officiated on the rooftop of the Brooklyn Grange, before 20 guests, to whom they read a couple of their “Dear Stabby” columns before exchanging heartfelt vows.

As they walked back up the aisle, Mr. Moss stopped at the end of it, and passed her a note. It said: “Hi, beautiful (wife).”


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