What’s on TV Monday: ‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’ and ‘Jawbreaker’

What’s on TV Monday: ‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’ and ‘Jawbreaker’

AMY SCHUMER LEARNS TO COOK 10 p.m. on Food Network. Many of us took to the culinary arts when restaurants began to shut down in the United States in March. The comedian and actress Amy Schumer went one step further, filming her forays into cooking and sharing them with the world. Schumer’s husband, Chris Fischer, a chef, is her guide in the home kitchen. During the first batch of episodes they made latkes, panzanella salad, fish tacos and other dishes that amateurs can try to tackle. They also bantered, shared relationship advice and offered a peek into their personal lives, with their baby, Gene, their nanny, Jane, and their dog, Tatiana, all making appearances. The second season begins tonight with an episode about how to make homemade versions of frozen food favorites and children’s meals that will also appeal to adults.

JAWBREAKER (1999) Stream on Shudder; rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and YouTube. When this movie was released, critics and audiences were unimpressed. But as time went by and nostalgia for the ’90s grew, so did its reputation. Eventually it even attained cult status for its distinctive costumes, dark humor and off-kilter performances. After a cruel prank three friends play goes horribly wrong, they must decide whether to take responsibility or cover up the accident. Courtney (Rose McGowan), the unrepentant main perpetrator, pushes for silence while Julie (Rebecca Gayheart) advocates confessing to the police. Complicating matters further is Fern (Judy Greer), an unpopular student who discovers the clique’s secret.

CHURCHILL: BLOOD, SWEAT & OIL PAINT (2015) Stream on Acorn TV and Amazon. Winston Churchill is famous for his achievements as a statesman — successfully navigating Britain through World War II chief among them — and for his legendary wit and outsize appetites. This BBC special introduces viewers to a lesser known dimension of his life: his passion for painting. The journalist and television presenter Andrew Marr visits Churchill’s studio at Chartwell, his longtime home, and some of the areas that he loved to paint. Marr also shares his own experiences with Churchill’s preferred hobby. Interviews with Celia Sandys and Emma Soames, Churchill’s descendants, reveal the extent of their grandfather’s dedication to his craft. And commentary from David Coombs shines a light on Churchill’s relationships with professional painters of his time.

DRUNK PARENTS (2019) Stream on Netflix; rent on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu and YouTube. Comedy thrives on misfortune, especially when it befalls unsympathetic victims and encourages mischief. Frank (Alec Baldwin) and Nancy (Salma Hayek) are a seemingly wealthy couple who discover that their immediate financial future is bleak rather than bright. Frank’s once-profitable company is going down the drain and their daughter Rachel has just started college at an Ivy League school. Fueled by booze, the desperate parents concoct scheme after scheme to try to wriggle out of their economic jam and keep Rachel enrolled while also hiding their plight from their neighbors and friends.

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