What’s on TV Tuesday: Will Smith and ‘She Dies Tomorrow’

What’s on TV Tuesday: Will Smith and ‘She Dies Tomorrow’

WILL SMITH: OFF THE DEEP END 9 p.m. on Discovery. After celebrating his 50th birthday by bungee jumping at the Grand Canyon, the actor Will Smith will continue his thrill-seeking streak during Shark Week. On this special, Smith will swim with sharks in order to face his fears of the open ocean and its predators.

HARD KNOCKS: LOS ANGELES 10 p.m. on HBO. This sports documentary series will follow both of Los Angeles’s N.F.L. teams — the Chargers and the Rams — as the organizations prepare for the 2020 season. Film crews followed the Rams head coach, Sean McVay, as well as embedding with the Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn, who was focused on coming back from the team’s 2019 season, which was derailed by multiple injuries. The show will capture the daily lives and routines of the two franchises’ players and coaches, as well as track the construction of the teams’ shared 70,000-seat stadium in Inglewood.

SHE DIES TOMORROW (2020) Rent or buy on iTunes, Google Play and other streaming platforms and pay TV operators. This unsettling film from the director Amy Seimetz focuses on a group of people who, one by one, become convinced they will die the following day. It starts with Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil), who confides the sudden revelation to her friend Jane (Jane Adams). Before long, Jane is certain she shares the same fate, and announces the belief to family and friends. In her New York Times review, Jeannette Catsoulis wrote, “Eerie and at times impenetrable, the movie (which was completed pre-pandemic) presents a rapidly spreading psychological contagion that feels uncomfortably timely.”

SUNLESS SHADOWS (2019) Watch through virtual cinemas. In this documentary, the filmmaker Mehrdad Oskouei takes viewers inside an Iranian detention center where girls and women are imprisoned for killing male family members. As the film captures the sense of community the prisoners show one another inside, the audience learns more about their lives beyond its walls. “As the prisoners discuss their suffering under the hands of their abusers — some were brutally beaten, while others were children when they were forced to marry older men — it’s clear they are victims, too,” Kristen Yoonsoo Kim wrote in her review for The New York Times.

ROB SCHNEIDER: ASIAN MOMMA, MEXICAN KIDS Stream on Netflix. Rob Schneider has had a long career in entertainment as a “Saturday Night Live” cast member, as well as playing memorable roles in comedies like “The Hot Chick” and “Grown Ups.” But now the comedian is heading back to his stand-up roots in this special, which offers a closer look into his personal life. In it, Schneider jokes about the process of potty training his two young daughters, and offers insights into the bittersweet process of aging. The special concludes with a surprise appearance from his adult daughter, the singer-songwriter Elle King.

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