When Plans Are Meant to be Changed

When Plans Are Meant to be Changed

“I was really eager to hear his story because I had previously worked in education and this guy was doing great things in online education, so I was curious about him from a professional standpoint,” said Ms. Turnbull, who was nearing the completion of a master’s degree in public administration at Harvard. (She graduated with first class honors from the Australian National University, from which she also received a law degree.)

“I thought it was a shame that I met this sweet, funny and gregarious family man just several months before I was going home,” Ms. Turnbull said, “but that was still my plan all along, to finish grad school and return straight home to Sydney, to a job that I had put on hold to study and do some work in the U.S. But for sure I was going home to my parents and siblings. My whole life was there.”

The next day, some doubt began to creep into her plans. She and Mr. Bosmeny shared a three-and-a-half-hour lunch in which they became so engrossed in conversation that they forgot to order food. It ended with Mr. Bosmeny racing to the airport and barely making his flight back to San Francisco.

Two weeks later, Mr. Bosmeny and Ms. Turnbull met in New York for what they called a 48-hour date.

Ms. Turnbull told her family all about it when she returned to Sydney, last year. But it wasn’t in June. It was in December, and with her future husband, Mr. Bosmeny, by her side.

They were married Aug. 22 by the Rev. Rita Washington, a nondenominational officiant licensed by the State of Hawaii. She led a ceremony, which was livestreamed to 300 guests over Zoom, at a private residence on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

“We’re an international couple,” Mr. Bosmeny said. “We don’t have it all figured out yet, we live in America today, one day we will live in Australia, and that’s all we know.

“But wherever we’re living,” he added, “we’ll be doing it together.”

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